Toxic Charity 
Should I give my mentee gifts?

Is it important to interact with my mentee's family? How do I do that

Rewiring our Definition of Mentoring
What is mentoring anyway?

On Urban Renewal 
The importance of a mentor's posture

Mentoring Scope and Sequence
Ideas of activities and conversation every step of the way

What should I be doing with with mentee?
100 Free Things to Do In Dallas

Helpful books, CDs and movies for mentors

Examining Expectations 
What should I expect of my mentee?

Wounded Hearts 

Why Mercy Street? 
What does Mercy Street believe?

How do I become an advocate for my mentee's education?

Code Switching 
How do I help my mentee prepare for the real world?

Why fight for an honest relationship?

Am I Traveling Alone? 
What is a mentor coordinator?

The Mentoring Project 
The Story of Quinn and Xavier

The Power of a Presence 
The Power of a Presence

Ministering with Excellence to Kids 
Jackie Pugh's Biblical Perspective

Mercy Street Purity Conference Booklets
2013 Mercy Street Purity Conference Booklet - Choosing a New Normal

Annual Reports: 
Annual Report 2014
Annual Report 2012
Annual Report 2011