Sa’Vana Davis: A Change Agent in the Making

“On the other side of the bridge, past the nice loft apartments, the newly built parks, and the Trinity Grove diners is where you’ll find me.” Sa’Vana Davis’s winning essay about the current state of West Dallas and her vision of change landed her a weekend trip to Atlanta, Georgia, to learn about one of the most memorable change agents in history: Martin Luther King, Jr. I sat down with Sa’Vana in a local taqueria to hear her well-articulated thoughts on her “hood,” her dreams, and her perspective-shifting trip.

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Soccer Coach Profile: Julio Martinez

A group of 13-year-old soccer players swarms all over the field, laughing and kicking the ball around. They have been there since 5:00 pm, dutifully warming up for their 5:30 practice. When Coach Julio Martinez walks up, they eagerly surround him, ready to start practice.

For Coach Julio, coaching is more than just skills training. “We’re not here just for winning,” he explains. “We’re here for development, growing as a person, teaching values, and really investing in the future.”

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Mentoring, Marriage, & the Army: Willie Brown

24-year old Willie Brown and I sit in his driveway, both of us perched on lawn chairs. His wife, Esmeralda,  leans out the passenger seat of the car with the door open, occasionally chiming in to our conversation. Their two oldest boys, Jaiden and Jordan, play in the backseat. The baby, Jamari, is asleep in his car seat - our current interview spot was selected because Willie didn’t want to wake the baby from his nap.

Willie is one of our alumni students at Mercy Street. He is a former mentee, sports participant, and Bible study attendee whose life has thus far exceeded his expectations, despite several setbacks he faced when he was younger.

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Kershaw’s Challenge Baseball Camp 2017

On Saturday, November 4th, over 300 kids and parents flooded through registration and onto the fields of the Mercy Street Sports Complex with tangible anticipation for Kershaw’s Challenge Baseball Camp. Mercy Street Director of Sports, Lee Jackson, had been up since 6:30 a.m. preparing for the day’s events.

“Camp means...we give the kids an opportunity to spend time with a guy [Kershaw] who cares about the community,” Lee explains. “But it’s also an opportunity to share the Gospel.”

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Letter From Trey Hill

I am writing today to let you know that I will be transitioning out of my day-to-day role at Mercy Street to lead the Urban Missions Department at Park Cities Presbyterian Church as they seek to become a church more fully invested in the city.  The transition will be taking place over the next nine months, as I fully transfer leadership into Ricky Jimmerson’s competent hands. 

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Mercy Street Eyes Expansion and Welcomes New Executive Director

For the first 14 years of Mercy Street, we have had a mantra – “We are laser beam focused on West Dallas.” As Mercy Street looks to the future, we remain fully committed to West Dallas and its residents. It is my home. It is where my kids have grown up. However, we also feel called to explore what it would look like to expand to other neighborhoods in the city.

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