about our Leadership Institute program

Mercy Street’s aim is to spark Christ-honoring community restoration by engaging in mutually transforming relationships with the future leaders of West Dallas. We often refer to our students as “emerging leaders” because they won’t just lead someday in the future; they are beginning to do so right now.

The Leadership Institute aims to double-down our efforts with these emerging leaders when they are in high school and college to ensure they thrive on their own in the “real world.” We desire to develop three things in our students: distinctively Christian leadership, an entrepreneurial mindset that readies them for the workplace, and grit- the passion and perseverance needed to accomplish hard things.

We do this through three initiatives: a 10-week summer program called the Leadership Intensive, year-round Street Teams, and an Alumni Association.

College intern applications for the summer Leadership Intensive are now open!


Summer Leadership Intensive

summer leadership intensive

Street Teams

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Alumni Association

alumni association

For more information about the Leadership Institute, contact Ally Armstrong at (214) 730-4848 or ally@mercystreetdallas.org.