Capital Campaign - Field of Dreams


Working with Turf Solutions Group, Mercy Street has created a Field of Dreams sports facility plan to turn a once fallow and unused piece of property into a venue which would engender community pride as a focal point for West Dallas and significantly expand the number of youth who will participate in athletic activities. As a result, three times as many youth will be able to participate in recreational team sports and more West Dallas families will interact with their youth and their neighbors in a convenient local environment that is safe, fun and healthy.

The Field of Dreams plan provides for the construction of the following new fields:

  • Softball / Little League fields
  • T-Ball field
  • Football / Soccer field
  • Multi-Use Soccer field
  • Two New Youth Soccer fields

The Field of Dreams will provide West Dallas with a highly visible, safe, fun and healthy community gathering venue and instill pride among residents. More West Dallas youth will engage in recreational team sports and more West Dallas families will interact with their children and neighbors. Over the next 10 years, this impressive athletic complex will expand the Mercy Street sports ministry to serve West Dallas youth and families by providing baseball, softball, T-ball, soccer, football and baseball camps.

This athletic complex, which meets the standards for competitive league play for multiple sports, will allow athletic events for both recreational teams and interscholastic league teams to be hosted in West Dallas. Pinkston High School will host football games on their home turf and could start a soccer team to engage older youth. A West Dallas home venue will enable more families and friends to attend games, as well as allow inner city and affluent families to come together through sports and build relationships which eliminate stereotypes. In addition, these interactions will demonstrate West Dallas is a safe environment.