Leadership Intensive 2018 Video


The Leadership Intensive is a 10-week summer program, where high school students from West Dallas are invited to participate in unique programming that will grow their leadership, entrepreneurial mindset, and grit.

High school students, called "junior interns," will spend their summer interning at Mercy Street, learning about business while growing in their faith and leadership skills. Junior interns spend their time learning in the classroom and from local businesses, participating in small group Bible studies, and serving in West Dallas. They also get the opportunity to work at Mercy Street Industries in one of our four micro-businesses.

A key piece of the Intensive is the team of college interns, called "senior interns," who help facilitate the program. Senior interns take on the roles of huddle group guides, small group leaders, and Mercy Street Industries managers; but their jobs extend far beyond this. Senior interns commit to a summer of doing life hand in hand with the community in West Dallas.

Working for Mercy Street as a summer intern was an experience that wholly impacted the trajectory of my life. It moved me away from a compartmentalized ministry approach, and convinced me that incarnational, life on life ministry is what reflects Jesus the most. The internship was humbling, eye opening, loads of fun, hard work, and, most importantly, it made me look more like Jesus.
— Former College Intern Brittany Sears