Elementary School


Vision Kids is our first step in the long-term mentoring journey. The first two years of a match occur while the child is in elementary school. This is a critical period when trust is being formed and experiences are being shared.


The goal for the first two years of the program is simple, but it is not always easy to attain–establish a loving, trusting relationship between the mentor, student and the student’s family. To help build trust and aid in communication our elementary school mentor coordinators spend time interacting with the faculty, staff, family and students to be “cultural translators” and to serves as a resource when questions or concerns arise.

We let the children know from the start that they are the future leaders of the community and they have a God-given responsibility to make it a better place.


In addition to mentoring the kids, we also provide enrichment activities for our students like sports leagues, leadership and educational opportunities. We also try to create easy opportunities for interaction for our mentors and students, like the monthly events.

To learn more about the program contact Jill Collum at 214-730-4831 or jill@mercystreetdallas.org.

If you are a mentor and have a question contact your mentor coordinator:
Ti Reese at 214-730-4846 or Ti@mercystreetdallas.org or Destiny Fernandez at (214)730-4837 or destiny@mercystreetdallas.org.