Middle School


VK2 is the second step of the mentoring journey. VK2 builds on the two year foundation built by mentors in the Vision Kids Program. In VK2, we seek to equip mentors to walk with their students through the rocky, often awkward years of adolescence. We also begin to specifically teach our students that our choices have consequences. Good choices bring good consequences.  Bad choices have bad consequences.


By His Grace, our hope is that, after three years in middle school and 5 years of being mentored, our West Dallas youth will have a firm foundation in Christ from which to become young men and women filled with hope not only for their lives but for the life of their community.

The mentor is supported in various ways, one being the assignment of a new mentor coordinator who is specifically knowledgeable in the ways and minds of middle school children.


In addition to mentoring the kids, we also provide enrichment activities for our students like weekly Bible clubs, sports leagues, and educational opportunities. We also try to create easy opportunities for interaction for our mentors and students, like the monthly events and the Middle School Game Nights.

To learn more about the program contact Jill Collum at 214-730-4831 or jill@mercystreetdallas.org.

MERGE - Biweekly Bible Study – Wednesday 6:30-8:30

If you are a mentor and have a question contact your mentor coordinator:
Ramon Smith at 214-730-4838 or ramon@mercystreetdallas.org.
Joy Amos at 214-730-4847 or joy@mercystreetdallas.org.