Dear Friends:

Mercy Street is a movement to raise a future generation of leaders who will positively, permanently change West Dallas. That is a big task. We cannot do it alone. That is why we are so thankful for all of our mentors, coaches, volunteers
and donors. They (you) are our greatest asset.

But many of you said you wanted to help more. That is why we created Friends of Mercy Street. It is a group of folks dedicated to helping Mercy Street accomplish its mission through raising awareness, helping further serve the ministry, providing ideas, and maybe helping raise a few dollars too. This is a great way to serve even more deeply and share with the staff and board things you have learned and think will help accomplish the mission of Mercy Street.

The board’s role is to establish a strategic vision and mission, ensure good governance and accounting practices, fundraising, and holding the executive director accountable. The staff is responsible for developing and executing plans to accomplish the strategic vision and doing all the day-to-day activity associated with those plans. The Friends of Mercy Street will serve as a resource to the board and staff to help them do their job better. We would love for you to be a part.

This coming year we plan to focus on four specific areas:

  1. West Dallas teacher school supply drive
  2. Life skills training for the Mercy Street Alumni
  3. Fundraiser luncheon support
  4. Mercy Street staff appreciation and mentor coordinator retreat support
  5. Hosting Friends of Mercy Street social opportunities for mentors

We are also looking for leaders to oversee one or more of these specific areas listed above. You can choose to lead as an individual, a couple or community group.  If a leadership opportunity within Friends of Mercy Street interests you, please email specifically.

Not already a part of the Mercy Street movement?  This is a great way to plug-in.

You’ll find a minimal membership fee that is tax-deductible; this is simply to help cover any costs the Friends incur throughout the year.  With your Friends of Mercy Street membership, you will contribute to transforming the West Dallas community and have the opportunity to serve alongside others committed to the movement.

Thank you for your support of Mercy Street!  We look forward to partnering with you!

Trey Hill
Executive Director | Mercy Street

Erin Mitchell Pope
Chair | Friends of Mercy Street

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