Over 2,400 children in West Dallas are waiting for a mentor.

In the last 15 years, Mercy Street has provided the opportunity for mutual transformation to over 1,400 mentees and mentors - but there are many more transformation stories on the horizon! This season, we ask that you will give the gift of transformation through supporting a child in our sports, Leadership Institute, or mentoring program.


Transformation Stories

At Mercy Street, our hearts beat for transformational relationships. This season, we will be telling stories of the transformation happening in the lives of our mentees.

dj and bobby


At twelve years old, DJ is quick to flash a smile and answers questions with the seriousness of an adult. He enjoys his math, science, technology, and gym classes and dreams of becoming either a baseball player or a technician. He has moved to several different areas across the Dallas metroplex within his lifetime, and Bobby continues to meet him wherever he is.

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Read Ashunti’s Story

Through beautiful, raw poetry scribbled on lined pages in a journal, Ashunti transcribes her life story. She is honest about her difficult upbringing and spends time in self-reflection. Now sixteen years old, her poetry represents the intricate narrative that she is writing for her present and her future.

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oscar garrett

Read Oscar’s Story

Oscar’s story begins in a household of five siblings and a busy working mom. Exposure to substance abuse and chronic childhood stress soon translated into other aspects of his life, as he began skipping school at the early age of ten. His grades were suffering, and he was headed down a path with no role models or guiding light.

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Read Dezaria’s Story

A year and a half ago when she was matched with her mentor, Kelsey, Dezaria was shy and struggling in several of her classes. 

“I’ve seen myself change,” Dezaria offers. “In 5th grade, I didn’t like dancing in front of people but now, I can dance in front of a whole crowd.”

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Give the Gift of Transformation



Cover the cost for one athlete in our sports program.



Support a high school discipleship group (“Street Team”) for one year.



Support a mentor/mentee relationship for one year.



Recruit a new mentor for a child.



Support a mentor/mentee relationship for 6 months.



Support 10 mentor/mentee relationships for one year.