Every summer Mercy Street hires student interns to be apart of our LEADERSHIP INTENSIVE.  Together these students simulate the ownership of a small business.  This business (a custom sign and shirt shop) handcrafts REAL goods for REAL customers.  Students do basic accounting and then go home with whatever profit is made.  Last summer over 1000 shirts and 50 signs were sold bringing in a revenue of $8,000 in just 8 weeks.  Below you'll see the products for sale in the artisan workshop for the summer of 2017.  All goods will be made and shipped between June 1 and August 1.  You can order anytime between now and then, but just know your goods will not be shipped until sometime in the summer window.  We encourage you to shop around and enjoy these goods. In doing so you are encouraging the development of an entrepreneurial spirt in West Dallas' emerging leaders!