Season of Transformation: Dezaria's Story

A year and a half ago when she was matched with her mentor, Kelsey, Dezaria was shy and struggling in several of her classes. 

“I’ve seen myself change,” Dezaria offers. “In 5th grade, I didn’t like dancing in front of people but now, I can dance in front of a whole crowd.”

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Shattering Comfort Zones: Marshall's Story

I was asked here today to speak on my experience from this summer and that is what I will try to do. I emphasize the word ‘try’ because there is not nearly enough time in the day that will allow me to accurately sum up this summer, so, to make a long story short, I will tell you everything thing that went wrong this summer - because in all honesty, they make for a much more compelling story.

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Cheering on the Future Leaders of West Dallas: Class of 2018

Destiny has traveled down nearly all of the avenues that Mercy Street offers. She explains that her journey began on the last day of third grade, when she urgently applied for a mentor knowing that Mercy Street’s mentoring program begins with students in fourth grade. “Mercy Street has been my second home forever,” she says affectionately. “I probably spend as much time here as I do at home.”

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Sa’Vana Davis: A Change Agent in the Making

“On the other side of the bridge, past the nice loft apartments, the newly built parks, and the Trinity Grove diners is where you’ll find me.” Sa’Vana Davis’s winning essay about the current state of West Dallas and her vision of change landed her a weekend trip to Atlanta, Georgia, to learn about one of the most memorable change agents in history: Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Kershaw’s Challenge Baseball Camp 2017

On Saturday, November 4th, over 300 kids and parents flooded through registration and onto the fields of the Mercy Street Sports Complex with tangible anticipation for Kershaw’s Challenge Baseball Camp. Mercy Street Director of Sports, Lee Jackson, had been up since 6:30 a.m. preparing for the day’s events.

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Letter From Trey Hill

I am writing today to let you know that I will be transitioning out of my day-to-day role at Mercy Street to lead the Urban Missions Department at Park Cities Presbyterian Church as they seek to become a church more fully invested in the city.  The transition will be taking place over the next nine months, as I fully transfer leadership into Ricky Jimmerson’s competent hands. 

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Senior Intern Profile: Katie Spring

The sun was beating down on the cement, with just enough humidity in the air to notice. It was the first day of training for the senior interns for Mercy Street’s Leadership Intensive. The Leadership Intensive is an annual internship program for college-aged interns to teach high school interns about character, grit, and the Gospel through running microbusinesses.

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Thank You, Mercy Street!

Dear Mr.Trey Hill & Entire Mercy Street Family, 

Today (May 5, 2017) I will be graduating from Alabama A&M University with a degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. As I think about that, I think of my childhood and what got me where I am today. I met Mrs. Jacque Lacy (Elementary Mentor Coordinator) and Mr. Trey Hill I believe in 2005 when I was in the fourth grade. 

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