Pine Cove Camp: A Week of Refreshment

Pine Cove summer camp has always been a week to step away from the noise of the city and ask God to use the time to impact students. This year was no exception! Over 100 elementary, middle, and high school students accompanied Mercy Street to spend five days surrounded by enthusiastic counselors, exciting activities, and even free snacks.

Pine Cove Silverado

Pine Cove Silverado hosted our elementary students with counselors who knew just how to connect with littles and share childlike joy.

You have touched my children’s lives in a forever-lasting experience. The first message I got from my daughter this morning was, “Mommy, this experience was so amazing. I built some bonds and made some new friends. I was struggling with surrendering and praying for myself. I have surrendered and I want to now be a Christian.” Thank you again and God bless you.
— Camper Mom

Pine Cove Outback

Pine Cove Outback offered a middle school-friendly environment, with a surplus of activities and non-stop fun.

The most important things I like about camp are:
The s’mores
The pool
The Bible time
Getting to know each other!
— Camper

Pine Cove Ridge

Pine Cove Ridge is all things high school and offered more intensive Bible studies and discussions about Jesus, joy, and making faith your own.

I learned to just surrender my life to God and give him everything.
— Camper
I learned that nothing else can fulfill me more than God can fulfill me.
— Camper

We already can’t wait for camp next year! Thanks to Pine Cove for their tremendous partnership.