Bike Shop

At the Mercy Street Bike Shop we are cultivating leadership qualities while turning old bikes into new reusable resources. Our workshop, in West Dallas, is constructed around the concepts of rebuilding, restoring, and reusing. Several years ago we started with a few old, rusty bicycles that were donated to Mercy Street. After setting up a small workshop space we began to micro-enterprise around this idea of bringing old bikes back to life!

Along the way many amazing values have grown out of that process. Our volunteers and apprentices are learning new, creative vocational, life and leadership skills, including mechanics as well as community development, small business and bicycle industry knowledge. Our community is being empowered through the enterprise and energy of creating a locally owned and operated small business. Many of the bicycles that we work on are brought back to life and eventually find new homes and owners.

Some of our bikes go into the Earn-a-Bike program, where student leaders help younger students work their way toward restoring and owning their very own bike. Other bikes get recycled into usable parts in the overall restoration process. While still others eventually get resold or re-donated into the wide world of bicycles.

Bike Rides

We offer a number of fun bike rides for all ages and experience levels.  Call us for ride dates/times and the skill level.  Our rides for beginners is a great way to learn how to ride a bike or to get back into it!


If you would like to volunteer at the shop, we can always use a helping hand from some with experience working on bikes. Please email for details.

Important Bike Donation Guidelines

  • We accept youth and adult bikes in any condition and any quantity, as long as we have room for them.
  • We take walk-in donations at the bike shop whenever we are open. Typically, weekday afternoon and evening hours. If you're donating 5 or more bikes we can schedule a pickup.  You can make an appointment for a pick up or drop off outside of the shop hours by emailing
  • We request a donation of $10 or more per bike, to help get your bikes into positive use again (it costs us an average of $40 cash plus volunteer labor to get each bicycle back into reuse). We will, of course, accept bikes without this donation.

Shop Hours

Please email Will Harris at for current shop hours.


For any additional information or questions, give us call at (214) 730-4836 or email