We are a group of Christians who desire to see God glorified and the neighborhood of West Dallas transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Believing transformation best occurs in the context of relationships, we value people over programs. Therefore, we intentionally engage in mutually-transforming relationships with the residents of West Dallas and beyond, working with them to bring hope and healing to our communities.


Our Vision

We believe true and lasting change will be brought about by the residents, particularly the children, of this community. Mercy Street’s hope is to raise a new generation of leaders from the community to be the change agents of tomorrow. Sometimes an infusion of hope and help from the outside is all that is needed to make a monumental difference. That is where our mentors, coaches, and volunteers come in. They are tasked with being an encourager, friend, and advisor to the children over the course of many years.

Mercy Street also seeks to be “incarnational” in our ministry efforts, meaning we relocate to the place where we minister in order to put flesh on the redemptive message of the gospel. Whether a physical relocation (like most of our staff) or a mental relocation (like most of our mentors), we invite everyone to take on the cares and concerns of the community as their own. We believe this is part of “loving our neighbors as ourselves.”

At Mercy Street, we prayerfully work together to push back against the thorns and thistles that have taken root in West Dallas so that God’s Kingdom might be evident. Urban decay points to spiritual decay. As Christians it is our delightful responsibility to enter into the dark places of the world and let the light of Christ shine. Light always repels darkness.

Join the movement and shine the light of Christ in our community.


What We've Achieved

  • 1,400+ mentees paired with mentors

  • 8 schools currently supported by Mercy Street

  • 7 college interns and 50 high school interns running 4 microbusinesses through the 2018 Summer Leadership Intensive

  • 1,100+ players and 156 coaches participating in baseball, softball, soccer, and football